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What is the right cage for your bird?

It is very important to put your bird in the proper sized cage. A cage that is too small can pose several problems. Some of which we have listed.

  • Comfort! Your bird should be able to spread his wings fully with plenty of room to spare. A cage that is too small will affect your birds mental and physical health.

  • Safety! Larger birds can destroy a cage that is specifically made for smaller birds

  • The larger the cage the better for your bird. So first rule of thumb always go with the largest cage you can afford and have space for.

What is the right Style?

Bird cages now come in several different styles and colors.

  • First style choice play top or dome top?
    Dome top cages afford your bird more room inside his cage. While play top cages offer your bird a place to perch and play while having outside of the cage time. You can choose to have both play top and dome top by choosing a Victorian Top cage. The Victorian Top cage is a dome top cage that can open on top so your bird can perch and play.

  • Second style choice. Do you want a cage that goes all the way to the floor or higher off the ground? A cage that goes all the way to the floor affords maximum interior space for your bird. A cage that is higher of the ground can make your bird feel more secure and make it harder for other pets to get to your bird.