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About Our Bird Cages

  • All Items are 100% NON-TOXIC and BIRD SAFE!

  • Our powder coated Cages are wrought iron with a very Durable Baked On 100% Non-Toxic Powder Coated Paint.

  • Paint Independently tested in the USA by an accredited laboratory

  • All Cages come with a Manufactures Warranty

  • wrought iron Cages have a six month warranty

  • Stainless steel cages have a 2 year warranty

  • All cage dimensions listed do NOT INCLUDE seed guards - seed guards will add approximately 3" - 5 " to the width of the cage at the bottom (depending on cage size)

  • All cages are designed with both horizontal and vertical bars - Better for climbing

  • Seed trays and grates are removable for ease of cleaning

  • Cages can be used with or without the grate and with or without the seed skirt.

  • Most cages come with stainless steel food cups and out side access feeders. when feeder cups are in place they can not be removed by your bird

  • All cage doors and feeder doors have locks

  • Our stainless steel cages are 100% 304 grade stainless steel. They are not a stainless coated alloy. (We only sell REAL STAINLESS STEEL CAGES)

Cage Features

- Feeder Door Locks, Front Door Lock, Bowls lock in Place, Grate locks in Place
bird cage door lock

Wrought Iron Cage Colors

- All colors are textured
bird cage color chart